The Voice of Self Destruction

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4 Responses

  1. Barbara Ma Cutcheon says:

    Em, It was like listening to myself ! I´m 84 and still feel deflated if I smile at someone and get no response but I have learnt to feel sympathy for ones who don´t smile – they are probably distracted by worries or simply haven´t learnt that a smile brightens every day. Either way, they are the losers. Do´nt let them stop you from smiling at every eye you catch !

  2. Siouxsie says:

    Em keep smiling. You have no idea how similar your thoughts and voices are to what happen to me!! Like the lady above it is like listening to your own head lol. I have learnt over the years through help and guidance from a very dear friend that you will never know what others are thinking and talking about should it be about you. So raise your head up high, you are doing good girl. Smile at others and if they don’t smile back that’s their hard luck. Big respect to a lovely lady. Shot for the stars and YOU will reach them Siouxsie xxx :-))

    • echorley says:

      Thanks so much Siouxie! It’s comments like this that make me see I’m not alone! Thank you for your support as always, your encouragement keeps me on track for the next goal! Xx

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