All or Nothing

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  1. dsiouxsie says:

    Em this is great!! U r focused and having an extra 3 hours a day to play with your kids is fabulous and so precious. It makes total sense you prep your food to save u time. There will always be people who like to poke their nose in, passing judgement on someone without knowing all the facts. Beside which it’s your life not theirs. Shoot for the stars girl and YOU will achieve it. I am only doing weight lifting to tone and loose weight but am now focused on getting up early and toning up. You are right it, it makes you feel damn good and makes me hold my head up knowing I have given my all each day I exercise and am damn proud of myself for that. Go get your goal Em you deserve it. Listen to your wants not others Xxx Siouxsie

    • echorley says:

      Thank you so much for all your support, you’re always one of the first to keep me on track and I really appreciate it! A massive well done to you too, your determination and seeing your progress spurs me on even more! Keep up the fantastic dedication! Xx

  2. Helen Heywood says:

    Ouch…consider me told!

    • echorley says:

      Don’t take it quite so personally! This post wasn’t focused on anyone in specific – I read all sorts of comment on other peoples posts and blogs that I can relate to, I just felt the need to vent. I’ve no doubt I’m guilty of saying things without thinking and not realising how deeply they might actually affect someone’s focus, so I’m aiming to take my own advice too!

  3. Yoanna says:

    This is really beautifully written and expresses many of my own feelings as you know!! Keep up the good work 😉

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