The other side of prep

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  1. Sue Dean says:

    Well written. You have both come do far in your body transformations, well done. It has taken sear hard work and dedication to arrive where you both are now. Good luck for your new future together, I know you will do well. I will miss u Em

    • echorley says:

      Thank you Siouxie! It’s been tough but it’s great to know we’re in it together. You take care of yourself Mrs xxx

  2. Mark Smith says:

    Great read. I feel the same, I get so irritable and argumentative over the smallest thing and it is not something I ever do. Comp prep certainly test your mental as well as physical wellbeing. It is not for everyone and I admire and respect all those that do it 🙂

    • echorley says:

      Well said Mark! I’m not sure if we would have survived if Craig had gone through prep before I had, I’m certainly the more placid one of the two of us and for the last 2 weeks I turned into a completely different person!

      • Mark Smith says:

         It is the sheer exhaustion from training morning and night that has taken its toll, add to that unable to eat anything and everything. By the time I get to comp, I would of been dieting 22 weeks from 285 pounds. I am just on auto pilot now. My wife suffered when she did comp prep, it got too much for her, but she stuck it out and I was proud when she got on stage, a monumental moment. I can’t wait till I get there, I can finally relax and live the moment finally 🙂 Think Craig will do great in his comp, Paul is such a great trainer and so knowledgeable 🙂

  3. vanessa says:

    Great post! I think generally, marriage is not all roses and white picket fence. But like what you said, you are doin it together and that is the main thing and it will all pass 🙂 Happy for you both and the great transformation! – vanessa

  4. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Huge respect to both of you and what an amazing transformation. It’s only when we start to push our bodies that we realise how closely the body and mind are linked…hence why so many dieters are miserable 🙂

    • echorley says:

      It’s kind of a satisfying feeling to know that not everyone is able to do these things.

      The misery is sometimes worth it just to get to the other side and see how happy you’ve become because of what you’ve been working so hard to achieve! 😀

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