Reaping the rewards – 1 year transformation

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  1. Congratulations! That’s an amazing transformation. I bet you feel fantastic too, but it’s nice when positive changes inside are reflected on the outside.

  2. helenbear1 says:

    Emily I am totally in awe of your commitment and dedication, You look absolutely fantastic. Well done!

  3. Awesome progress, chickie!! 🙂 Keep it up!!!

  4. boxgrl81 says:

    Thats awesome!!! 🙂 Great job!!!

  5. essa_b says:

    “the times when we aren’t seeing results are the times we need to keep strong, to keep trying and to keep pushing through.”
    – I came across your blog today browsing articles and pictures of “squat transformation”. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 8 months ago and when she was 7 months I realized that I need to get back in shape. Although I lost all the baby weight, I still need to lose more and tone and get fit. Most mom I know would say that it’s ok to have those “bulges” because you’re a mom now. Well, to me that is a plain excuse. I don’t want to “not take care” of myself. I want to get fit. So your post motivated me more. I am also happy that my husband is with me on this. We just started clean eating specifically paleo diet and we exercise everyday. Big things come from small beginnings is what we tell each other. 🙂 My last weight before I gave birth was 192 lbs. Now I am 159 lbs. It’s good to have goals and I have set my goals. I will keep on checking your blog. A BIG THANK YOU for being an inspiration!

    • Emily says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, and more importantly for the wonderful message!

      Congratulations on your little girl too, you’ll be a fantastic role model for her.

      Good luck with your fitness journey, its great that your husbands on board too, it certainly makes a difference having that extra support. Feel free to message me if you need any advice or motivation;

      Keep living the fit life! 🙂

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