Week 6 – Perfecting the Squat

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2 Responses

  1. Girl these are looking sooo much better!! I went back and watched the last few weeks, and seriously. Awesome progress!!!
    Here’s my couple tips that have helped me as the weights go up:
    1. Take a deep belly breath before you start to go down (slowly descend). Then hold it until you are about halfway back up and let the air out.
    2. Consciously push your knees out as you start to come up; it’ll give some extra force standing up.

    The only other thing is have you tried narrrowing the stance a little bit? I know it works best for some people to go wider, so maybe that’s best for you, but I know I’m not as stable that wide, so just something else to play with.

    This is like 200% improvement in the past two months. You’re rocking it!!!

    • Emily says:

      Hey Jennifer,

      Thanks so much for the advice, I was feeling pretty grotty in my next attempt so wasn’t focusing quite as well as I should but next week I’ll take what you’ve said into account and hopefully improve again!

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